Submersible pump in cast-iron for drainage water, 2 poles, 0.37kW,
Max head: 9 m,
Max capacity: 200 L/min



Small pump in cast-iron for drainage. The suction grid at the base permits to position the pump at the bottom of a pond or of a hole dig into the ground as the stones and other solid parts cannot be suck by the pump.


The SAND 50 is generally utilized to evacuate rain water from houses or for drainages of small ponds. This model cannot be used to pump heavy sewage water.

Operation conditions

Max liquid temperature: 50 °C (122 °F)

pH: 6-10

Max density < 1100 kg/m³

Max immersion depth: 5m



Performance curve:


Model                                 Head (m)                           
2 4 6 8
SAND 50   L/min     200 166 117 50
m3/h 12,0 10,0 7,0 3,0
L/s 3,33 2,77 1,95 0,83



Technical characteristics:

Outlet 1"1/4 - DN 32 horizontal threaded
Solid passage 5mm
Impeller Bi-channel open impeller
Mechanical seal Mechanical seal in silicum carbide / silicum carbide / NBR + NBR oil seal       
Motor Oil bathed. Insulation class F.
Motor protection Automatic reset built-in motor protection

The model can be supplied with or without float-switch


10 meters cable H07RNF 3G1 with plug

Capacitor 10μF - 450V
IP 68



Electric characteristics:

Model Power Nos. poles R.p.m.  Voltage Ampere
SAND 50   0.5 HP - 0.37kW 2 2850  230V/50Hz/1 3,0 A




Impeller Cast-iron GG 20                                                            
Pump cover Cast-iron GG 20
Motor case Cast-iron GG 20
Pump support Cast-iron GG 20
Motor shaft Inox AISI 420
Packing set NBR



Weight and dimensions:

Model            Outlet                         Dimensions (mm)               Weight 
female threaded A B C D E (kg)
SAND 50  1"1/4 - DN 32 315 141 230 195 420 12




Connections Professional 90° brass connection 1"1/4 in three pieces
Standard 90° plastic connection 1"1/4 in one piece 
Coupling foot MODEL 1-1"1/4: automatic coupling foot with 1"1/4 connection 
No-return valve Professional ball check valve threaded 1"1/4 in cast-iron
Float-switch 10 or 20 metres cable float-switch to be connected to an electric board in case it is not possible to use the standard float-switch connected to the pump
Electric board Model F5-0.5/3-1 to protect the pump with a manual reset thermal protection and to connect a float-switch



SAND 50 ENG - REV. 2.0 - 03/12/2018

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